Can You Move Me – Questions to ask your Mover

Can You Move Me

Can you move me?  The most important question to ask your movers – let me explain…  It’s getting close to moving day.  You have an offer on your house and your buyers are just about to sign the purchase and sales agreement.  Now is the time to find some movers.  The first thing to ask is can you move me. You may waste a long time going through all of the other moving questions (below) and find out that your preferred movers are booked on the day in question.  Here is some moving help for you.

Can You Move M
Can You Move Me?

After asking your mover Can You Move Me there are some other questions to ask your prospective mover during the initial phone conversation:

1.  Rates!  Rates for Two Men and a Truck should be around $99-$140/hour and rates for Three Men and a Truck should be around $120-$175/hour.

2.  Travel Time!  Make sure travel time is flat-rated.  This means that you will not pay if the movers are late/in traffic/got lost.

3.  Moving Services Offered!  You may find yourself in the need of last minute packing services, or if your house “falls through” you could need moving and storage for a period of time.  Make sure your mover offers all of these last-minute moving options.

4. Licensed and Insured!  If a member of the crew gets injured at your home this could be a headache for you.

5.  Any Additional Fees!  Ask your mover if there are any additional fees aside from the ones they are telling you.  Examples would be fuel surcharge, taxes, tolls.  For long distance moving examples would be mileage charge, long haul, or shuttle fee.