Searching the best movers near me? The results can be daunting and frankly nobody ever feels like the movers they are hiring are going to do a good job. The industry is plagued with rogue movers, greedy van lines and two men franchises charging insanely high prices for sub-par moving services. So, where does one turn when searching best movers near me – what moving company can they trust to come in and handle all of their precious household goods.

Best Movers Near Me
Best Movers Near Me

Finding the best mover near you will be less intimidating by following these five steps to find the best moving company near you – be sure to read below where we outline the 3 golden rules the best movers follow!

  1. Get multiple estimates: With everything you need to get done for a move, it can be tempting to go with the first moving company you find. However, it’s important to contact at least two or three moving companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. Getting a moving quote is the only way to know what a company charges for your particular move, but understand that sometimes your estimate can change. We suggest you use a moving calculator from Movers Near Me. You can use this to get a weight and shop around. Moving companies don’t usually do on-site estimates anymore since you can do this via smart phone or with the Movers Near Me calculator.
  2. Verify credentials: Make sure your movers are licensed and insured.
  3. Read reviews:  It is also essential to know how other customers feel about the company. While a mover might look good on paper, former customers are the ones who can tell you what it is really like working with the company.
  4. Know the red flags:  Several things should make you suspicious about a moving company. If the company has no address, hasn’t been in business very long, or has more than one business name, this can be a sign of fraud.
  5. Pay only on delivery:  A reputable company does not ask for payment until the move is complete. Some companies may require a deposit, typically 20 percent or less, but you should never pre-pay for a move. Pay your deposit with a credit card in case you end up having to dispute charges.

Best Movers Near Me Golden Rules

  1. The best movers near me will have many options and the ability to changes dates, timing etc without charging fees.
  2. The best movers near me will have full time employees and newer trucks
  3. The best movers near me will offer customer support throughout your entire move.
movers near me
Movers Near Me

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states a moving broker is licensed to book moving services and coordinate shipments.

Best Long Distance Movers Near Me

Long-distance movers can move customers from any area of the country to the location of their choice, crossing state lines. These movers are required to have different licensing than local or intrastate movers. They have different rates depending on how quickly the move needs to be handled and how many items are involved. Shop around and look for discounts to find the least expensive way to move. The best long distance movers will offer expedited shipping, guaranteed dates and overnight storage if needed.

Best Local Movers Near Me

Some moving companies only operate within a defined local area. Unlike long-distance movers, local movers often charge hourly rates instead of a bulk charge. Movers Near Me operates small, locally owned movers in your area that also move long distance. Long Distance Movers Near Me always has guaranteed dates, expedited service and you will have the same driver throughout the move.

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