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Cross Country Moving Help

When moving cross country, you should pack an essentials bin for the move. Don’t forget to include your cross country bill of lading and inventory. A long distance moving essentials bin should be a clear plastic container where you can keep personal documents such as your driver’s license, social security card, passport and birth certificate and other important documents. You should also keep documents such as recent bank statements, tax returns and/or pay stubs while you are in transit in case there is an issue with a closing. Other items in your essentials bin should be a change of clothes, paper towels, rubber gloves, a towel, cleaning supplies etc. 

Organization is the key to a successful move across the country. Color coding boxes for your long distance movers is helpful especially  for fragile goods.  Grouping rooms by color and the care they should receive are equally as important. You can organize the rest of your boxes by the rooms their contents belong in, or however else you think will speed up your move. Your boxes themselves should be packed very tight and full to ensure things aren’t rattling around. Containers inside boxes should be well sealed and labeled appropriately.

Long Distance moves have certain restrictions on what you can and cannot pack.  Obvious items like perishable foods are obvious but even non-perishable food runs the risk of getting crushed, or otherwise tarnished or ruined, or worse! Food will attract unwanted creepy crawlers and furry friends to your shipment  Some well-sealed containers of liquid might get jarred open, resulting in an unwanted seepage on all of your belongings. Your long distance movers will tell you you not only run the risk of getting your own stuff  getting soiled – cans of paint and bottles of oil that weren’t properly sealed can cause spills on furniture and inside boxes as well.