Moving and Overnight Storage

Moving and Overnight Storage

Nobody likes spending a bunch of money on moving and storage.  Moving is one service where a little information can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Lo and behold – I have a lot of information about moving and moving with overnight storage in particular.  There are a few cities and metro areas where moving with overnight storage presents a specific set of challenges, and those cities would be Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Portland and other “college towns” will have date-specific issues – let me explain below:

Most apartments in major cities have a lease date that end on the last day of the month.  These same leases usually begin on the first day of the month.  Essentially, you will literally have until midnight on the last day of the month to move your items out and then at 10am-2pm you can move to the new apartment.  Moving companies in metro areas listed above usually book up completely on the first and last days of the month because of this.  College towns will have issues on 8/31-9/1  and May 30-April 1.

Residents that have bridge loans will also require moving and overnight storage.  A bridge loan is when a resident is selling a house and using the cash from the sale to purchase a new house.  This is very common and usually requires 1-2 days of overnight storage.

Moving and Overnight Storage
Moving and Overnight Storage

Moving and Overnight Storage Options

  1. Renting a Truck and Parking it Overnight – Unless you plan to sleep in or with your truck – this isn’t the best option.  First off, the truck rental facility will charge you for two full days which can be $$$$.  Also, they do not cover anything should your items be stolen, wet (if the truck leaks and it’s raining).  If you do decide to move and store your items in a rental truck – get a lock for the back – rental trucks in a driveway or parking lot overnight are sitting ducks.

2.  Hire a Moving Company to Move You with Overnight Storage –  In the past, moving companies used to charge customers per hour to store there items in a truck overnight.  Although it was a reduced weight while the moving crew wasn’t physically moving furniture – it was still not very economical.  Since then, there have been private moving companies that offer on-board overnight storage – or overnight storage that stays on a truck.  There is no need to hire a mover that will offload your items into a storage facility overnight.  The expense can be twice as much as it should because the crew will be doing two moves.  Monster Movers has locations in many major metro areas and charges $100-$150/night per 26 foot moving truck.  Hiring a mover that will do this is much more economical than paying per hour or paying for two days of a rental truck.

List of Moving Companies with Overnight Storage:

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