Monster Movers DC

Monster Movers DC

Are you moving to from or in DC?  I am sure you have heard the crazy moving stories from the media and neighbors about the horrendous moving and storage companies in DC that have been scamming the locals for many years.  Monster Movers DC is a mover that you can trust and will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on your move to from or within DC.

Movers DC
Movers DC

Our DC moving crews are CORI-checked, full time, licensed crew members.  Our DC moving crews deliver outstanding full service local moves in DC as well as long distance movers to DC and from DC to NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, MA, RI, CT, NC, SC, GA, TX, IL, NYC, CA

Our long distance moving team will give you guaranteed flat rate prices for all long distance movers DC and we also guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates to the states above.  For the other states we offer a 2-3 day delivery window.

Currently, Monster Movers operates in metro-DC, Arlington-VA and Bethesda-MD.  Our current 2016 moving rates in these areas are

2 men and 1 truck $118/hour

3 men and 1 truck $159/hour

4 men and 2 trucks $279/hour

Any time we feel your move will require more than 4 men and 2 trucks, we need to do an on-site estimate.

You can call our call center at 877-470-1247 to request an estimate or visit our free moving estimate page for a virtually instant moving estimate based on your inventory.  The first page of the DC moving estimate is where you will input basic information.  The second page will be a comprehensive inventory where you simply select what you have and we generate a guaranteed moving quote to from or within DC .

How Much Does Moving Cross Country Cost?

How Much Does Moving Cross Country Cost ?

Moving cross country can be a daunting task to undertake.  Packing up everything you own and carting all of your boxes and furniture across multiple states to a new and intimidating city.  Easy Peasy – when you hire a great cross country moving company that is.  The first thing to consider during your cross country moving process is the actual cost of moving cross country.

Moving Cross Country Costs will be dependent on a few factors:

  • Time of Year You are Moving Cross Country  – Traditionally the least expensive months of the year to move cross country are January, February, March and April.  May – November – expect at least a 15% increase in cross country moving company costs.
  • The Weight of Your Cross Country Moving Shipment – Moving shipments are charged by weight.  There are times when your cross country move can be less money the more it weighs!  Ask your mover if they have weight categories.  For example, if your cross country moving company charges 40 cents per pound for 2000-3000lbs but $.38/lb for anything over 3000.
  • The Pick-Up/Delivery Dates for your Move – If you need your shipment picked up and delivered on specific days, this could cost more.  Van lines do not offer guaranteed dates on cross country shipments so, if you do need guaranteed dates it is best to hire a private cross country moving company.
  • Miles You are Moving – The more miles you are moving – the more expensive your cross country move will cost.
  • Additional Cross Country Moving Services ( aka. if you need full packing, hoisting, crating, etc) – Don’t be confused by additional cross country moving services ( packing, full replacement coverage and piano fees) and junk cross country moving fees that you should never be charged for ( mileage fee, shuttle fee, fuel surcharge, taxes, tolls, energy charge, etc).
  • Quality of Cross Country Moving Service – The best long distance movers may be more expensive than an unestablished moving company that you cannot trust.
  • Where You are Moving To and From – If you are moving from Connecticut to Florida, it will generally be more expensive than moving from FL to CT.  The main reasoning for this is because more people move from CT to FL than the other way around.
Cross Country Moving
Cross Country Moving

Cross country moving costs vary drastically and are contingent on the type of moving company you choose.  The easiest way to get guaranteed, flat rate cross country moving estimate is to fill out a moving request on the best cross country moving companies website.