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Top Rated Moving Companies Near Me

Finding top rated moving companies near me is more than just googling a phrase, picking 3 movers and getting quotes. The internet is filled with fake moving companies, faux movers ( aka. brokers) and plenty of scams. Whether you are moving to, from or within your current town heed this single most important piece of advice when looking for the best moving companies nearby: Find a Flat-Rate, Private Moving Company!

Moving Companies Near Me

What is a private moving company?

A private moving company is not affiliated with a broker, franchise, or third party. Why is this important to the consumer? Suppose damage or loss happens. When hiring a broker the mover and broker can pass the claims off on each other. If you have hired a franchised moving company – try fighting million-dollar per year attorneys, you’ll give up before you even begin. A private moving company will have an actual physical location in your area and give you the best rates. Private moving companies near me can give better rates because they don’t have to pay a broker or franchise or a third party.

What is a flat rate moving company?

A flat rate moving company will give you a guaranteed not to exceed quote based on an inventory and/or pictures of what you are moving. Getting a flat rate is not the same as a binding quote. A flat rate will not change as a binding quote can change based on the rate per pound.

Top Rated Moving Companies Near Me

Some resources when looking for the best moving companies nearby, word of mouth is really the best as well as checking moving publications.

Move-Line – Move-line is a site dedicated to finding the top 5% of moving companies by verifying insurance, licensing, actual reviews, and overall customer service

Realtors – Your local realtor should have a good idea of the best moving companies in your area. You can find out who realtors voted as the best moving companies in the US

Facebook – Facebook is full of helpful residents who have used various moving companies in your area


Monster Movers – Monster Movers is the OG moving company. Having completely changed the way the moving industry operated back in 2014 when they started implementing expedited long distance moves. We highly recommend Monster Movers for an long distance moving companies services.

Movers Near Me – Movers Near Me is a flat rate moving company with multiple family owned and operated locations that are not part of any franchise, third party umbrella or broker association. Simply trained, licensed and insured movers with the best reputation. See if they have local movers in your area.

Giant Movers – Giant Movers are best for small moving jobs needing labor only. If you need to load a storage unit or if you are looking through moving companies to find some one to move just a few things Giant Movers are your best choice.